Pain Scale Body Diagram

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Pain Scale Body Diagram. Consider the fact. Medical professionals can use this pain level chart to gauge the level of discomfort a patient is feeling.

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The recall period for both severity and interference scales was in the last week The BPQ also retained the body diagram from the initial questionnaire along. Pain can feel sharp hot cold dull and achy. The basic pain scale chart below provides some examples of the various levels that define the 0 to 10 pain scale.

The MBM can also quantify the degree of widespread body pain when assessing for centralized pain features eg.

Unique Contributions of Body Diagram Scores and Psychosocial Factors to Pain Intensity and Disability in Patients With Musculoskeletal Pain. Numbness Pins Needles Burning Stabbing Aching O O O O O X X X X A A A A O O O O O X X X X A A A A. The Michigan Body Map MBM is a self-report measure to assess body areas of chronic pain. Pendix 1 for an example of a body diagram requesting that they indicate the primary and multiple if appropri-ate areas of pain and demonstrate the direction of any radiated pain.