Window Opening Diagram Explained

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Window Opening Diagram Explained. Luft and Ingham called this model Johari after their first names Joe and Harry. The hinges are on the left and the door opens toward the outside of the room.

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It is called window because of. Casement - The casement is the part of the window that opens in which the glass sits. The lower half of horizontal pivoted windows open outwards while the top opens inwards.

1a Head across the top 1b Side Jambs down each side 1c Sill across the bottom.

Double Hung Windows two window sashes opens vertically Casement Windows rectangular windows that open outwards with a handle Picture Windows large fixed square windows that dont open great for views Bay Windows multi-window style that protrudes from the home and can include a seating area. Glass Pane- In the window shown at right there are two panes of glass one in the top sash and. In this arena all the communication occurs through a two-way process. Upper Sash- The top portion of the window comprised of a pane of glass set inside a frameIs fixed in a single hung window and slides up and down in a double hung window.